Nick Shelton

Sometimes there's just no point in trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up. The trails and tribulations of childhood rarely determine what we become. With Nick Shelton's music, there's a strong argument that being able to tell a story about your life in unflinching honesty outshines nearly-failed middle school music classes. Luckily, disinterest in rote musical endeavors didn't stop Nick from dusting off his grandfather's guitar. With a few chords settling in under his fingers at the outset of his high school years, Nick knew early on that he would forego flash for substance. It's this unspoken mantra that has given birth to deeply personal compositions such as "Adrianna" and "Carolina's Twilight Creeping" from his debut album Average Everyday.

In his live set, Nick's warm, unforced stage presence lends itself brilliantly to his songs. There is an aged beauty that whisks around every note he sings and it is both tempered and unforgettable. It's as if his voice is an audible photo of the West Virginia coal town where he was born and raised. While hovering in the stylistic territory of John Prine, Bob Dylan and Elliott Smith, Nick has found his own distinctly dusty musical road to travel and leaves his signature on the walls of the figurative rest stops along the way.

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